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STEAM Outreach

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Dozens of studies demonstrate that an early exposure to advanced STEM makes students far more likely to pursue technical fields during secondary education and college. This is especially true for underrepresented groups (women, racial minorities).

Our team of 5 organized and executed a series of STEM-based lessons to include hands-on demonstrations, traditional seminar type lessons, and livestreamed/pre-recorded video content. Many of these lessons are run via video chat, which allowed us to continue this outreach even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Students range from grades 3-8 in the Boston & Somerville Public School systems. Students learn about topics such as polymer chemistry, additive manufacturing, and product development from actual scientists and engineers doing these jobs in industry.

Example Lessons
2020-08-30 (2).png
STEM from Home: Boston Neighborhood Network

Our walkthrough of the Form 3 SLA printer was featured on the Boston Neighborhood Network for their "STEM at Home" programming in spring 2020. Segment begins at approximately 8:30.


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