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I'm Cassie: a versatile PM who loves creating tools and products that enable others to work (or play!) more efficiently, and enable others to create or achieve what they couldn't otherwise.


I have passion for smart design, encouraging creativity of both my team and end users, and engineering innovative solutions in the intersection of disciplines.


My Background

From designing a Martian city as a kid to walking into the machine shop on my first day at Harvard, I have always loved engineering and design. The sciences explain how the world works; creativity allows you to imagine something new from that basis. Engineering is the means to traverse the gap between what's dreamed and what's possible, and is the bridge to an incredible future. There's nothing cooler than helping pave the way for that.

From years of work in biology labs (National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab) to hands-on mechanical design at Harvard and Formlabs, my background in engineering design is pretty varied. Much of my research has been on wearable technology-- the intersection of new materials and human biometrics is fascinating, and it's something I'd love to keep exploring as the industry explodes. I loved designing and developing 3D printing technologies-- bringing more powerful, versatile tools and materials to other designers and creators is insanely rewarding. As of 2022, Formlabs has shipped more than 40+ unique materials, and sold over 100,000 printers that I helped design. It's awesome knowing my work shaped a world where "anyone can make anything".

While I've been making spreadsheets and running events since middle school, I formally moved into management after a number of years as an engineering IC. At McMaster-Carr, I learned the logistics behind the scenes, building systems and leading large teams (20+ people). My team handled technical questions from dozens of industries, for thousands of emails a day, with a < 7 min average mean time to resolution. We enabled designers and engineers to get the parts they need in their hands at the speed of light, which allowed them more time to do what's important-- innovating. 


Cosmosii, my first foray into entrepreneurship, cemented that I love product management: nothing was more satisfying than watching a functional product spring forth from an ambitious roadmap written and implemented by a team my cofounder & I built and bootstrapped ourselves. We generated revenue and grew to over 1200 users, who were overjoyed that tools were finally being built specifically for them.

MIT Sloan trained me well in entrepreneurship, and I've spent the last year sharing my knowledge of building both products and companies with students looking to expand their technical knowledge. Intro to Making & Hardware Ventures (15.351 / 2.351) teaches the basics of mechanical and electrical engineering design, as well a

If you're interested in working with me: contact info is here, my resume can be accessed here, and this site details my major projects from the last few years.


Happy exploring!

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Bonus Fun Stuff

  • 日本語を話します (I speak Japanese); yo hablo español también.

  • Sport of choice: Quidditch (now called Quadball)! I played in both high school and college, and captained the Harvard Horntails.

  • Additionally, I really like weapon-based martial arts -- archery, target shooting, and German longsword (HEMA) to name a few. I also trained in kendo when I lived in Japan.

  • Circus arts, namely in the form of fire spinning, is a hobby I picked up recently that's both a great exercise in coordination and a stellar party trick. I do poi, staff, double staff, and rope dart.

  • I dabble in a variety of art-- sewing, sculpting, writing, drawing, theater tech, and a million other things.

  • When I get the chance, I love to volunteer with the Girl Scouts-- an organization I was & still am an active part of.

  • I'm a huge nerd and love fantasy, sci-fi, and recreating my favorite characters into a tangible form.

  • Dogs are amazing; I love them so much. My family has always had Newfoundlands and while I was still living at home, we trained our girl Amber to be a water rescue dog.

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