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Ship It! Card Game

Tabletop Game Design

Project Inspiration

A game where your goal is to ship Formlabs products!

Formlabs holds an annual summer hackathon, and in 2018, Craig Broady proposed making employee trading cards to help people get to know others on disparate teams. The 2019 edition expanded into a playable game (rules designed by Declan Geoffrion Scannell, Jake Misra, & myself), featuring Formlabs products, our office dogs, and various company in-jokes.

The launch of Ship It! included designing over 400 unique cards, distributing 3500+ cards globally, and iterating on rules and gameplay design . After launch, we also hosted a number of "How to Play" events, hosted a company tournament, and ran a Pokemon-style "gym challenge" where participants could get prizes for completing card-based challenges set up by the team that worked on the project. 

Rules and example cards can be seen below.

Project Details
Rules: Quick Reference

Shortened version of the rules, printed on a card for easy referencing!

Rules: Full Rulebook

Complete rule set from the 2019 Hackathon.

Document link for Google Drive view:

Ship It Card: Demo Card

Example card ("Hackathon") of the scoreable "Ship It" type. Fulfilling the scoring or stealing conditions allows the player to obtain the Formcoin value, and work towards their target 15 coins.

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