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Podcast Pilot

Project Inspiration

Idrealm has been waiting for you. Welcome back.

Idrealm was an audio-based interactive serial fiction idea pitched and piloted for Cambridge Community Television's "Power of Podcasting" class during spring 2018. It was aired in May of 2018 on CCTV's broadcasting channel.

You, the listener, are the central character in the story. You and your collaborators are the beings of Idrealm, and your actions and decisions change not only the fate of the world, but also the course of the story itself.

Episode 0.5 (a partial pilot) was produced in the span of one month, from inception to completion. I developed the world, wrote the script, scheduled actors for recording sessions, edited all the audio, and even composed 4 original songs.

Project Details
Idrealm Ep 0.5Cassie L
00:00 / 06:39
Pilot: Episode 0.5

Partial pilot episode of Idrealm, introducing a few central characters and the world itself.

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