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Star Dress

Costume Design & Construction Breakdown

Project Inspiration

The single art class I managed to fit into my busy engineering schedule during undergrad was a studio class, where my proposed theme for the semester was “Geek Fashion”. After spending an evening with friends in the Harvard Observatory learning to use the telescope (and admiring the many space-themed murals), I wanted to make some space-themed attire with a functional purpose. (Plus I got to wear it at a social event at the Natural History museum, and the staff totally loved it!)

The skirt is a functional star chart of the Northern Hemisphere. The reference chart is from NASA and was projected onto the skirt, stars marked by rhinestones and constellation lines were stitched in with metallic thread.

Project Details
  • Gradient dyed circle skirt to mimic the twilight sky

  • Hand-attached rhinestones to mark the locations of stars

  • Full set of accompanying accessories

Design, Details, and Breakdown
Construction Video

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the dress, showing the projection-based copying method for aligning the constellation map and some of the sewing/assembly.


A woven braid headband, star jewelry, and hand-glittered upcycled heels complete the look.

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