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Director Lucretia

Costume Design & Construction Breakdown

Project Inspiration

The McElroy family is well known in the podcasting world for their variety of shows, including their fantasy narrative show, "The Adventure Zone". The first season, "Balance", features an incredible cast of characters who explore a rich world as part of the Bureau of Balance, lead by one of my favorite characters, Director Lucretia. 

Lucretia has a long and storied history as the record keeper of the original adventuring team in the flashback arc, and I worked much of that symbolism into the painted panels of the dress and associated armor (fans will recognize the Voidfish, the Hunger/Light of Creation, the Starblaster, and the journals on the silk panels, plus the 7 Birds Prophecy on the armor). There was a lot of freedom to work in subtle details like this, since the audio medium only describes some basic features-- white hair, blue robes, and a white oak staff-- of the woman who guides the main trio towards saving the universe.

Project Details
  • Hand-dyed silk gradients

  • 4 unique silk painted panels, featuring symbolism from the show

  • Multi-part resin cast with custom mold, including "floating" D&D dice

  • Custom dice jewelry

  • Hand carved staff, which (dis)assembles for travel

  • Foam armor smithing, also featuring story symbolism

  • 3D modeled accessories (hair pin, belt buckle)

Awards & Relevant Media
Design, Details, and Breakdown
2020-08-26 (2).png
Staff: Casting & Sculpting Process

A (rough) step-by-step method for the staff creation. A framework was created from PVC pipe and foamboard, which became the base for the expanding foam spray. Once hardened, I carved the foam, applied paper mache, and painted. The magic orb was cast in layers in a modified bath bomb shell, such that objects (like chains, beads, and dice) could be added and "float" in the mold by being added after partial layer cures, which also allowed for the gradient effect. After UV curing the orb was sanded and polished, then slotted into the staff.

Design Sketch

Original concept sketch for the Bureau of Balance attire.

Prop Detail: Stone of Farspeech
Work in Progress: Silk Painted Panels

Two of the four silk painted panels while drying on their frames.

Home-grown borax crystals filled out the framework of this fake geode for the "Stone of Farspeech", a walkie-talkie like item used in the TAZ game.

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