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Magic Armor Link

Costume Design & Construction Breakdown

Project Inspiration

A classic figure of any gamer’s childhood, our hero Link is known for his signature green tunic-- but he has a variety of other attire, including the Magic Armor that is a bonus item at the end of Twilight Princess. 

The immense detail of Twilight Princess, paired with my desire to learn armor smithing, provided a perfect opportunity to play with thermoplastics and dive into detailing.

Project Details
  • Custom patterned machine embroidery (tabard)

  • Thermoformed & sculpted armor parts

  • Functional leather ties for the armor

Awards & Relevant Media
Design, Details, and Breakdown
Embroidery Progress

The tabard was a multi-hoop embroidery project, digitized in SophieSew and then run on my XL-400.

Armor Progress

Test fits of the chestplate, pauldrons, and boots (left). The chestplate gets additional adornments before sealant and paint.

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