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Panels & Workshops

Before You Build: A Guide to Smarter Costume Design

Blades, Triggers, & Bows: Weapons Handling in Cosplay

From 2D to 3D: Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Cosplay


Hot Shot: Photography with Fiery Practical Effects

Yes, You CAD: Intro to 3D Modeling

With great power (craft mastery) comes great responsibility (sharing that skill with others). 

I have been teaching panels at DIY and Crafters' conferences and events, both in person and online, recorded and live, for 5+ years. Below is a list of my current panel and workshop offerings. 

Panel Synopses
2020-08-30 (5).png
Before You Build: An Engineer's Guide to Smarter Cosplay Design

A guide to applying the real-world design process to cosplay, featuring prototyping techniques, project management guidelines, and approaches to breaking down character designs, taught by a professional engineer.

2020-08-30 (7).png
Yes, You CAD: Intro to 3D Modeling

Technology is changing the way we cosplay, from 3D printing to digital patterning. Join Cass, cosplayer of 10+ years & professional engineer, for a 60-minute crash course covering the ins and outs of 3D modeling & design.


We'll discuss different types of programs for 3D modeling, designing for printing/assembly, and do a step-by-step 3D modeling demo! And if you don't have a 3D printer, don't fret-- we'll also cover how you can make the designs at home and optimize for success when you send your parts out for production.

2020-08-30 (3).png
From 2D to 3D: Manufacturing Techniques for Cosplay

A collaboratively developed panel from 4 engineers with more than 40 years of industry experience in manufacturing, mechanical, wearables, and materials engineering, this panel introduces advanced manufacturing techniques to DIYers looking to step up their construction game. Panelists discuss techniques like 3D printing, laser cutting, thermoforming, basic electronics, and more while providing resources for learning and doing these techniques cheaply and conveniently.

2020-08-30 (8).png
Blades, Triggers, & Bows:
Weapons Handling in Cosplay

Co-developed with contributors Kalina K. (Sailor Cosmos Cosplay) & Tabitha B. (TheSparkOfRevolution).


The panel writers have 30+ yrs of experience in eastern sword arts (kenjutsu), western sword arts (longsword, fencing), dagger/knife fighting, archery, shooting, & knowledge about various other weapons.

This panel discusses popular types of weapons (ranging from swords to knives and guns to polearms) that are found in anime/manga/video games and come up as prop forms. 

The panel covers the historical background of these weapons and their uses, as well as how to pose and frame cosplay photos to look more professional and striking. Drawing on over a decade of construction and performance expertise, this panel also address construction of con-safe props and safe handling of props in public spaces.

2020-08-30 (10).png
Hot Shots: Photography with Fiery Practical Effects

Lighting stuff on fire for photos is cool, but safety is important! Join me as I share my knowledge as a trained fire spinner, model, & photographer to help you get the best shot while keeping everyone safe.

Panel covers general fire safety, location/planning considerations, technical setup, and photography tips for capturing the best possible shots in the heat of the moment.

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