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Management Experience



McMaster-Carr supplies the hardware, tools, and equipment modern businesses need to design, build, operate, and make repairs. McM is known for its exemplary customer service (ex: the average customer service phone call resolution time is 3 minutes and 12 seconds), and speedy logistics (next day delivery to anywhere in the continental US).

While at McMaster-Carr, I was on a management rotational program, and was part of the Customer Information and Preferences database teams before becoming Supervisor of the Text Contact Center (email customer service).

  • Managed & coached a team of 22 frontline customer service representatives on best practices for solving customer issues.

  • Maintained a team wide 7 min mean time to resolution, for 1000s of emails daily.

  • Designed & conducted research to propose quality & efficiency optimizations to the customer service framework.

    • Overhauling end-of-year export processes to reduce international returns & eliminate 60+ hours of manual data entry annually.

    • Analyzed trends in individuals placing orders and correlated them with engineers working-from-home in the pandemic, creating predictive indicators to correctly link individual's orders with company's preferences before customers asked.

    • Categorized a year's worth of Preferences inquiries to create a detailed baseline for understanding how work gets routed and completed within the department; proposed routing flow changes to eliminate an additional touch point for >15% of inquiries

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