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Cofounded Startup


Custom costumes for any universe!


Cosmosii is a SaaS enabled marketplace providing custom art creators the digital tools they need to connect with customers and run the operations of their small businesses.


Our artisans (called Makers) can share their portfolio, process payments, and manage projects all in one place. Additional project management features, contracting templates, and a revamped intake process are all in the works.

Cosmosii is revolutionizing how commissions are done to make getting a custom piece create a painless process for all involved, and enable the incredible artists in our community to do what they love full-time.

Business & Community Accolades
  • Grew platform to >1200 users, with 40% quarterly user growth, on a bootstrap budget.

  • Actively revenue generating, with repeat customers on both the buyer and Maker sides

  • Corporate Contracts: 3 live-event activations with "real life" video game characters, made & modeled by our Makers

  • Startup Accelerators: MIT Delta V 2022, Envision Cohort 6

  • Runner-up in MIT's $100K Pitch Competition

  • Winner of the MIT Creative Arts Competition

The Cosplay Journal: Press Release

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"Cosmosii connects cosplayers with crafters who can make them anything from the princess dress of their dreams to a precision prop replica, turning fantasy into reality..."

21 MIT Startups to Watch

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"“It’s really important to solve the world's greatest challenges, that we not just come up with new ideas..."

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