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3D Printing Development

Stereolithography (SLA) - Materials Development

Form 3 Settings Development


Created print settings for Formlabs’ entire suite of released resins for use with the Form 3.

Ensured a rigorous print success rate, designed suite of test parts, and diagnosed print failures and artifacts. Proposed potential solutions and features to the Print Process and Software teams to improve printability and prevent future issues.

Alpha Formulation Print Testing


Worked with formulators to test alpha formulations on prototype Form 3s.

Evaluated general printability with simple geometries and determined baseline compatibility of formulations with prototype hardware. Resins tested include but are not limited to: Draft V1, High Temp V2, and New Balance Rebound resin (used for printing shoe soles).

Print Farm Validation for New Resins


Tested and validated new resins at large scale before market release.

Designed suite of test parts and inspection criteria. Printed and inspected hundreds of parts, ensuring a print success rate and guaranteed parts met the quality standards. Debugged any resulting failures and proposed potential fixes to the appropriate teams.

Tank Lifetime Testing


Determined expected lifetime of consumable Form 3 accessories relative to use with different resins.

Stress tested tanks over an extended period and tracked tank damage as well as print quality for the most reactive resins. Characterized new failure modes of both tanks and printed parts, and proposed additional lifetime experiments to the Manufacturing team.

New Material Formulation


Early stage, from-scratch formulation of potential new SLA resins.

Iterated on dozens of reagent combinations for potential new material releases. Tested handmade small batches of resin for Ec/Dp, hardness, and various other properties important for final application. 

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